“Cruel Intentions” Is Being Turned Into A TV Series—WHY?!?

NBC has ordered a script co-written by the film's original writer/director.

As someone who at 10 years old wrote Sarah Michelle Gellar fanmail in which I lied about having seen (and loved) Cruel Intentions, I think it’s fair to say that this film holds a special place in my heart.

I’m not one of those “watch it whenever it’s on TV” folks; I’m the “bust out my autographed DVD on the regular” kind of lover of this film.

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I don’t fuss with the sequels nor pine for a reboot because this movie, with its iconic cast (a brunette SMG! Christine Baranski! Tara Reid!), its gothic glam costumes, its soundtrack (Counting Crows “Colorblind,” anyone?), even the wallpaper in this movie, it’s all the toppest of the notch.

So when I heard the breaking news, reported via The Wrap, that NBC had bought the script for a Cruel Intentions television series, let’s just say, this was me:


Here’s everything that’s known about the series so far:

The present-day “Cruel Intentions” reboot will center around the 16-year-old son of the late Sebastian Valmont (played by Phillippe in the film) and Annette Hargrove (played by Witherspoon), named Bash Casey.

Upon finding his late father’s journal, Bash learns of the family legacy he didn’t know existed. In search of answers, he trades his small-town Kansas upbringing for a scholarship to the prestigious Brighton Preparatory Academy in San Francisco and soon finds himself in a world of sex, money, power and corruption he never could have imagined.

A baby? Anette was pregnant? Where is this all coming from?

Leading me to believe this is not an entire disaster is the news that original Cruel Intentions Roger Kumble is on board to direct and co-write the pilot. But it does lead one to wonder, is anything sacred anymore?