Cute Guy Travels The Globe Singing Barbra Streisand Song: WATCH

morgan reynolds barbra streisand 2.jpg
Morgan Reynolds had his heart broken, but instead of drowning his sorrows in boys and booze, he turned his efforts toward a more productive end:

After a sudden and disappointing end to my multiyear relationship, I found myself asking, “What would Barbra do?” With no budget and only the same suit, suitcase, and torch song blaring in my mind, I traveled to 20 locations in five countries and fought off tourists, pigeons, and a broken heart the only way I know how: the Streisand Way.

Morgan’s no rank amateur—he’s performed in West Coast productions of Hairspray, The Full Monty, Hello Dolly and aboard Disney cruise lines. He also did a stint as Judy Garland, meaning all that’s left is a Liza Minnelli tribute.

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