CW’s “The Flash” Doubles Up On Gays With Victor Garber As Firestorm, Andy Mientus As Pied Piper


Producer Greg Berlanti is dipping into Hollywood’ gay acting pool for new additions to The Flash: Variety reports Victor Garber has been cast as Dr. Martin Stein, who in DC Comics is one-half of the atomic superhero Firestorm.

On the show, Stein and impetuous student Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) are merged by the same particle-accelerator accident that gave the Flash his powers. Garber will first appear in Episode 12.


Meanwhile the role of Pied Piper, an openly gay villain-turned-hero in the Flash comics, will be played by Andy Mientus (Smash). Mientus, 26, is openly gay, too—though not a villain—and engaged to fellow Broadway performer Michael Arden.

pied piper

TVline reports the Piper’s origin will be somewhat different than the comics—the particle accelerator rendered S.T.A.R. Labs employee Hartley Rathaway deaf and he devises his hypnotic musical instrument to get his revenge.  In the comics, Hartley gave up crime and ended up dating police captain David Singh, played by Patrick Sabongui on the TV show.

Adding in Wentworth Miller, who will appear this season as Captain Cold, that’s a veritable rogue’s gallery of gays on the superhero series. Keep ’em coming!


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