CW’s “The Flash” Series Might Include A Gay Character

David Singh in 'The Flash'

There’s been lots of announcements about the CW’s upcoming TV adaptation of The Flash, even though the show is just at the pilot stage. The latest tidbit is that an actor has been cast as David Singh, a gay cop in the Flash comic-book series.
Patrick Sabongui  the flash cw david singhPatrick Sabongui (Fringe, 300) will play Singh, the boss of crime-lab expert Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the boyfriend of reformed criminal Pied Piper.  Their relationship is refreshingly complex, with Singh conflicted about loving someone who’s lived outside the law. (In one issue, Piper asks him “If you can’t accept our relationship, how will anyone else?”)
Right now Sabongui’s part is described as a guest-star role, but there’s a chance he could be a recurring character if it gets picked up for the 2014-2015 season. Hopefully, the Piper will pop up as well.

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter

Below, view some scenes of David Singh and Pied Pier from DC Comics’ The Flash

david singh flash david singh flash 2 david singh 3


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