Cyndi Lauper: Don’t Boycott North Carolina

"I think people would need us there."

Though many artists are expressing their support for the LGBT community by cancelling shows in states where anti-LGBT legislation is being passed, singer Cyndi Lauper says she will not be one of them.

Last week, rocker Bruce Springsteen made waves when he came out against North Carolina’s hateful anti-LGBT House Bill 2 by refusing to play in the state until the law is quashed. Bryan Adams quickly followed suit by cancelling a scheduled performance in Mississippi.

However, when asked by a reporter from TMZ if she’d cancel shows in North Carolina, longtime LGBT advocate Cyndi Lauper said that she would definitely perform in the state, implying that refusing to perform in a state with anti-LGBT legislation isn’t the only way to show solidarity with the LGBT community.

“I would play in North Carolina,” she said. “I think that people would need us there. Wherever there’s a shut out, wherever people don’t accept other people, the other people need you.”

Lauper, whose eleventh studio album Detour is set to drop May 2, is currently touring the United States with artist Boy George. Of the 16 stops on her tour, Lauper will make two stops in states with new anti-LGBT bills.

The first, in Nashville, where a bill allowing therapists to deny mental health services to individuals on the basis of religion is waiting to be signed into law by the governor. The second in Raleigh, where a bill barring trans inclusion in bathrooms and all protective anti-discrimination ordinances has already been passed by both the Senate and the Governor.

Of her show in North Carolina, Lauper told ABC News: “I will be donating all of the profits from the show to Equality North Carolina’s efforts to repeal HB2.”

“I look forward to coming to North Carolina and standing up for equality and fairness,” she continued. “If we truly want an inclusive society, we all have to include ourselves in the effort to make that happen. This is the best way I know how to include myself and urge you to join me in the best way you know how.”

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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