Watch Jonathan Van Ness and Cynthia Nixon Have a Cute Kiki About Politics

In front of Nixon's Grammy, NBD.

The New York gubernatorial primary is this Thursday, September 13, and as candidates Cynthia Nixon and Andrew Cuomo prepare to face off at the polls, Nixon invited Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness over to her apartment.


The two Emmy winners did not get together for a makeover, or to even record an episode of Van Ness’ popular podcast Getting Curious, but to talk about the upcoming election, and what Nixon hopes to achieve if she is elected.

“There are so many people like me, who want to come together and make these things that poeple said could never happen—they want to make them happen,” Van Ness tells Nixon during their conversation. “Because we want to see things change in this country.”

Nixon’s message must have worked because by the end of the video Van Ness is ready to go out and canvas for the former Sex and the City star.

Are you? Watch their cute chat in the video below.


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