The Search For The Perfect Daddy Continues In The New Season Of Daddyhunt’s Webseries

If only it were this easy IRL.

The sexy salt-and-pepper handyman is back and things are as awkward as ever.

Daddyhunt: The Serial has returned for a second season after the dating app, Daddyhunt, debuted the series’ last year.

daddyhunt season 1

Now the new set of episodes picks up with the cub in apt 3G (BJ Gruber) and his neighbor handyman (Jim Newman) meeting for a sexy rendezvous on the rooftop of their building—but mixed signals are sent and the night abruptly ends.

Over the course of the four new episodes viewers see what it’s like living trying to find the perfect daddy in this tech-obsessed world all while navigating obstacles like awkward dates and disagreements on things like condoms vs. PrEP.

daddyhunt handyman

Will the cub and the handyman ever successfully spend the night together? Find out in the new episodes below and stay tuned for the second-half of the new season coming soon.


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