Daily Buzz Bits: Ryan Phillippe's Gay Role; Kate Beckinsale Hates Sushi


On Jay Leno, Ryan Phillippe talked about playing soaps’ first gay teen and reluctantly watched an old jeans commercial in which he ran naked through an alley. – Towleroad

And Ryan will always be a skeeze in my book, but for the record, he’s happy for Jake and Reese. Yeah … for the record. Jerk. – USWeekly

"After years of awkward speculation," we now know R.E.M.’s other two members are straight. Thank you, Michael Stipe. – Queerty

Kate Beckinsale says she would rather eat vagina than sushi because "at least vagina would be warm." I’m guessing her publicist didn’t hear that one prior… – Dlisted

Lauren Conrad is on a promo blitz for The Hills’ Monday premiere: She made the Wall Street Journal, but doesn’t have "the level of accomplishment" to be on the cover of Cosmo. That honor is for people like Hilary Duff. – Radar

I’m not sure if they’re gay or not, but this Swedish Sound of Arrows group has got me! Listen to "Danger"; it’s pure Swedish indie-pop heaven! – Pitchfork