Daily Buzz Bits: Tyra Isn't Kissing JC Chasez … And He's Not Kissing Chace!


I don’t want a world in which Top Model does not center around Queen Bee Tyra Banks, OK? What happened to ’If Tyra has a problem with you, you’re off the show.’? – Dlisted

I still love her: On her talk show, Tyra asked JC Chasez if he thought she’d be good in bed. – Queerty

And speaking of JC – like anyone’s surprised he’d say this – he and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford are not dating. – Towleroad

The set for Bjork’s upcoming "Wanderlust" video looks nuts-o and amazing. – Pitchfork

I didn’t know this was a rumor either, Ian McKellen! But there was no guy-on-guy foolin’ around on The Lord of the Rings set. – Towleroad