Men Attack Dallas Drag Bar Patrons While Using Anti-Gay Slurs

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Police are searching for two men who assaulted patrons and employees at a Dallas gay bar, CBS DFW reports.

The attack, which detectives are investigating as a hate crime, occurred last weekend at Liquid Zoo Bar & Grill, which often hosts drag shows. Witnesses say the incident began when the two men used homophobic slurs. As bar staffers attempted to escort them out, the suspects started throwing punches.

“It was kind of nightmarish because you never know what’s going to happen in that situation,” said Liquid Zoo employee Ronnie Mikyles, who was left unconscious with a gash on his face.

Mikyles hopes the incident “opens people’s eyes,” he added. “Spread a little bit more love, spread a little bit more joy and cheer instead of being so hateful.”

“You would think being 2020 we wouldn’t have that issue, but unfortunately, it’s bred into a lot of people,” said bar owner Gary Welborn. “Now it’s probably something that will never go away.”

“One thing we at Zoo don’t condone is the behavior that took place at the bar tonight,” a Liquid Zoo representative wrote on the bar’s Facebook page. “We are a family of customers, friends and staff. We want to apologize to our Zoo Peeps that were subjected to the group that came in and was causing problems. I just met with my Zoo Crew and addressed how this type of situation is to be handled in the future. We managed to provide good video to PD as well as license plates for a handful of the vehicles. We will not tolerate HATE against our bar.”

The rep also noted that security camera footage captured one suspect kissing another man prior to the attack.

Watch the CBS DFW news report below.

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