Dan Levy Makes People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive List

The "Schitt's Creek" star and co-creator had his legs oiled for the occasion.

People magazine thinks Dan Levy is simply the best.

As if sweeping this year’s Emmy Awards for the final season of Schitt’s Creek weren’t enough, Dan Levy has joined other hotties like Michael B. Jordan and Chris Evans for People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue.

Posting the image of himself from the magazine on his Instagram, Levy wrote that he “got his legs oiled for this” since the photo shows him in a bathrobe and boxers taking out a trash can full of wine and champagne bottles. We’re assuming this is after a night of celebrating—perhaps the Emmys?

In his conversation with People, the out actor was asked how he had been spending his time during quarantine, which he admitted was filled with a lot of failed baking attempts. But with cocktails, he had more success.

“I was doing Negronis, Manhattans, and I have been trying to perfect a Cosmopolitan,” Levy said. “It’s my favorite cocktail. Sex and the City aside, it’s a very refreshing beverage. But there’s an alchemy to a Cosmopolitan that needs to be just right, otherwise it does not taste good. So, I have continually been trying to perfect the Cosmopolitan on the rocks in a tumbler, not a martini glass.”

Levy also confessed that he bought a Peloton bike, but since starting to leave his house more, “that bike is just sitting there empty. And I have not done an ounce of physical activity since.”

Jojo Whilden

Since Schitt’s Creek came to an end back in April, Levy co-starred in the HBO movie Coastal Elites and can next be seen in holiday rom-com Happiest Season, premiering November 25 on Hulu.

“With Dan, it’s like, if he had been anything less than wonderful, I would have been devastated because I’m such a fan of that show,” Levy’s Happiest Season co-star Mary Steenburgen told NewNowNext. “I asked him, ’So the sweaters [in Schitt’s Creek], like, where did those sweaters come from?’ And he goes, ’They’re women’s sweaters from consignment stores.’ They’re women’s. And he finds them and dresses everybody in the show. And it was like—oh, I literally, I couldn’t take it. I was so enchanted.”

She’s not the only one under Levy’s spell. People’s Sexiest Man Alive hits newsstands on Friday, November 20.

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