“Dancing With the Stars” recaplet (Ep. 7.11): Will Sir Dancealot dance another day?


Going into last night’s elimination round, Lance and Lacey were in the bottom two (in terms of judges’ scores) with resident rabid granny Cloris Leachman. Were viewer votes enough to spare Team Gay from the humiliating Final Dance for another week?

Click on through if you want to know…

Lance is safe. Which pretty much confirms my belief all along that Lance could come out onstage and poo on a Ritz cracker to the tune of "Tiny Bubbles" and his built-in teengirl fanbase would save him from any harm. I think he’ll be pretty much clear through the finals, but what do I know.

Brian Setzer

Last night we also had a performance by the Brian Setzer Orchestra and more of those creepy talented dancing kids, and a "dancing through the ages" sequence that ended on the note that in the future we will all look like Japanese girls and move like robots. Sounds like a plan!

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