This Inspiring Documentary About Danica Roem’s Election Gives Us Hope For America

Broadly follows Roem in the final 48 hours of her campaign for the Virginia legislature.

Danica Roem made history last week as the first openly trans person to win a seat in a state legislature, when she was elected to the Virginia statehouse. Trans reporter Diana Tourj√©e followed the 33-year-old on the final 48 hours of her campaign in the Broadly segment “Inside Danica Roem’s Historic Victory.”

It’s an exclusive look at Roem’s historic win against noted anti-LGBT Republican Bob Marshall, and what it was like on the ground with her campaign volunteers.


The short film is an inspiration for anyone less than thrilled about the current state of political affairs. And a reminder that with persistence and resilience regular citizens can participate in the electoral process.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.