Daniel Craig’s 10 Hottest Moments

God, Daniel Craig is furiously hot. Almost unprecedented. His chiseled visage and gargoyle glare add up to a ton of palpable sexuality, and in these ten hot moments, he proves why he was sexy and savvy enough to redefine the image of James Bond forever.

10. Craig is young and chivalrous in A Kid In King Arthur’s Court

The movie may as well be called Medieval Times with Thomas Ian Nicholas and Kate Winslet, but Craig is smokin’ with his chainmail and shaggy blondness. I love a man who can joust. Sexually.

9. Flashbacks of a Fool is giving me flashbacks of pornography

Daniel Craig also produced this little-seen 2008 effort, but here’s what he achieved in one glorious still: After years of “sideboob” from Hollywood’s slinky ladies in low-cut tops, Craig just innovated “side-abs,” where we can see a perfectly chiseled profile of his torso. It’s a breakthrough!

8. Craig leaves the today show looking dapper (and gay-cute) as hell.

Yes, denim! Yes, that complicated scarf!

7. Cowboys and Aliens gives you Craig at his craggiest.

It’s an awful movie with the drippiest Harrison Ford performance since, God, Regarding Henry? But Daniel Craig in tight-fitting cowboy gear is surely a victory for any of us with a good ol’ American Brokeback Mountain fantasy.

6. We have reason to be jealous of Gemma Arterton’s back in Quantum of Solace.

Quantum of Solace isn’t an essential 007 caper, but this sex scene sure is: Gemma Arterton, your Single White Female haircut and naughty aloofness should be given Nobel prizes.

5. Layer Cake features layers and layers of Daniel Craig’s chest

I mean, his chest just doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t even have to wear protective gear when he plays tag football, am I right?

4. I’d like to tomb-raid this wet little mummy.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is, in my estimation, a completely boring movie — until Daniel Craig shows us exactly the goods we’d be ogling for years thereafter.

3. Casino Royale gives us gruesome nudity.

Yes, I can barely go on without considering the testicle-centric agony of this scene, but just look at these stills: sweaty, naked, tied-up perfection. We’re only human, dammit. And Daniel Craig is all man. Do the math.

2. Casino Royale also gives us pristine swimwear!

Forget about Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore. Daniel Craig’s appearance in a swimsuit in Casino Royale is sliiiiightly more notable than anything I’ve ever seen a Bond girl. Props where they’re due, however: Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) is the greatest Bond girl of all time, hands down.


1. Who needs nudity when classic James Bond formalwear can be even hotter?

Daniel Craig was born to fill out a suit and wield a weapon. He’s the perfect choice to play Bond, and when he brandishes that gigantic revolver, he racks up even more sexuality than in his Layer Cake chest exhibition. Gorgeously dapper.