Daniel Radcliffe Very Much Enjoyed Taking A Bath, Wrestling With Jon Hamm




Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm are starring in the upcoming mini-series A Young Doctor’s Notebook, the story of a young British doctor who was sent to run a remote Russian hospital in the early twentieth century. Radcliffe stars as the young doctor and Hamm plays the doctor when he is older, meaning the two aren’t seen together — well, except for a bath scene and some wrestling.

That’s right, the older doctor visits the younger doctor to offer advice throughout the series, and he seems to have an odd way of doing so. Speaking with The New York Times about the film, Radcliffe said; “I got to take a bath with Jon Hamm. I got to wrestle him, and throw a punch at him, too, which was all fun.”

Hamm and Radcliffe bathing, wrestling and fighting? This already sounds like the best new series of the year.

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