Daniel Radcliffe Outraged By New Film Depicting Him As Crazed HIV-Positive Madman

The new Sacha Baron Cohen film apparently makes Radcliffe the subject of a twisted HIV "joke."

There is reportedly a scene in the new Sacha Baron Cohen film The Brothers Grimsby, due for a March 2016 release, that depicts actor Daniel Radcliffe as an HIV-positive madman who ’infects the Queen’ in what is meant to be a twisted joke.

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“An actor resembling the star is shown swallowing splattered blood and a mock news report, using an image of the real Daniel, tells the audience he has HIV,” The Sun reports. “Later in the film…“Daniel” returns to infect a character portraying the Queen.”

A source close to the actor told the paper he is outraged by the plot and his likeness being used in the film, and will lobby Sony to have the scenes removed.

Cosima Scavolini / Splash News

“This sounds outrageous,” the source said, adding that “Daniel is not involved in this production.” “We will speak to Sony Pictures and don’t be surprised if this scene or any reference to Daniel does not make the final edit.”

The film has apparently outraged Brits in general in a different way — for depicting residents of Grimsby “as full of jobless, boozing louts.” Below, check out the film’s first trailer.

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