“A Fantastic Woman” Star Daniela Vega Says She’s Okay With Cisgender Actors Playing Transgender Characters

"I am an artist, and I pride myself on sharing issues with the world," says Vega, the first trans presenter at the Academy Awards.

Transgender actress Daniela Vega, who made her international debut in Sebastián Lelio’s Oscar-winning film A Fantastic Woman, says she doesn’t see herself as an LGBT activist, but simply as an artist: “I pride myself on sharing issues with the world.”

Asked by Queerty about her opinions on cisgender actors playing transgender roles, Vega said she wasn’t necessarily opposed.

“As an actress, as an artist, I feel that when you want to create something, you don’t have too many limitations in order to do it,” said the 28-year-old performer. “Just like I am a transgender woman in real life, I’m an interpreter of both transgender and cisgender roles. And I feel that if there’s an actor or actress who wants to create or explore this kind of role, I think it would be a positive thing.”

Sebastián Vivallo Oñate/Agencia Makro/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Vega became the first transgender presenter at the Academy Awards. “It was beautiful,” she said of the moment, “and I tried to do the best I could. And I think that people enjoyed it very much.”

Vega, who is a classically trained opera singer, also addressed her plans for the future: “I want to continue creating. I want to continue singing in opera and acting, and keep proving to myself my artistic capacities, to see what else I can do.”

A Fantastic Woman arrives on DVD on May 22.

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