Meet the Logo30: Danielle Moodie-Mills

"I have always believed in the credo, 'We the people.'"

Every day during the month of June, we will be spotlighting our 2019 Logo30. This powerful series profiles ordinary and extraordinary people who show pride in unique and provocative ways. Visit the Logo30 homepage to learn more about the series.

Followers of passionate political coverage (and who isn’t these days?) best know Danielle Moodie-Mills as the host of #WokeAF, a progressive political talk show on SiriusXM Progress (Sundays from 10am-1pm ET), and as a political analyst on MSNBC, where she is regularly called upon to discuss current affairs.

She’s also a partner at Moodie-Mills Strategies, a communications and PR firm that works with social impact organizations and influencers seeking to disrupt systems of oppression.

“I’m a rare bird that actually went to school for the industry I work in—political science. I am a true believer in the Margaret Mead quote, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has,’” Moodie-Mills tells Logo. “There are two things that have the ability to change people—politics/policy and the media—so I work at the nexus of the two. I do the best I can to be a voice for the voiceless and also offer a platform where people can share their thoughts, passions, and frustrations over our current political climate.”

Watch Logo’s full interview with Moodie-Mills below.

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