“Danny The Manny” Is The Adorable Gender Non-Conforming Series You’ve Been Waiting For

With bonus Coco Peru cameo!

There are so many LGBT-themed web series these days it’s hard to keep track of all the ones you want to watch. One that should rise to the top of your queue is Danny the Manny, the new series from Mike Roma.

Danny is a struggling actor in Hollywood who pays the bills by looking after a six year-old named Quinn. One afternoon Danny discovers that Quinn likes to dress up in his mother’s clothing, and now he has to figure out if Quinn is part of the LGBT community or his cross-dressing is just a phase.

danny the manny

“My own story, coupled with my work as a babysitter, made me wonder about how we should raise kids in a day and age when being LGBT is more accepted than ever before,” said Roma in a statement about the series. “We’re now living in this gray area where gender is being questioned and roles are being capsized. My goal is to bring the subject out of the shadows, to urge others to question our own ideas, and to open up our imagination about what it means to be a girl or a boy.”

danny the manny coco peru

The series consists of five parts, each just around the five minute mark, so we know you can pause Orange is the New Black long enough to watch the whole thing.

Aside from Patrick Reilly who stars as Danny and Bradley Bundlie as the adorable Quinn, there’s also a hilarious cameo by Coco Peru who plays Brenda, the nosey housewife.

Check out the first part below and click here to watch the rest of this heartwarming series.

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