Darren Criss In Conversation With “Hedwig” Choreographer Paul McGill


We recently introduced you to Paul McGill, Hedwig and the Angry Inch’s associate choreographer, in our ongoing “Chorus Boys”  series.

McGill was actually name-dropped last night at the Tony Awards, by Hedwig creator John Cameron Mitchell, who took home a special award for his work on award-winning show.

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Now, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, McGill takes five with Darren Criss, the latest star to don the wig and heels, and chats about the unique demands and rewards of the show.

darren criss

“The percentage of what’s different [every night] is the biggest of any show I could ever do,” says Criss. “Because if the audience reacts to one thing it changes how she tells the story.”

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“I’ve had nights where they reacted to things that weren’t particularly funny to Hedwig,” he adds “So… she gets really mad.”

Watch Darren and Paul talk process and the power of live theater below.

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