Darryl Stephens Talks ‘Anchorman,’ Chris Brown’s Tattoo: Nine Questions

Darryl Stephens DTLA

Darryl! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Noah’s Arc star Darryl Stephens has been keeping busy since his much beloved Logo show went off the air in 2006. he has filmed guest spots on shows like Private Practice, Two and a Half Men and Desperate Housewives while also filming the Noah’s Arc film, Jumping the Broom, and The Skinny with director Patrik-Ian Polk. Having recently filmed the starring role in the television series DTLA, we took some time to have Darryl answer our nine questions.

1. Movie line you use, possibly too much.
“Milk was a bad choice.” –Anchorman

2. Church of Scientology or Church of Latter Day Saints?
Church’s Chicken

3. Trend you’d be happy to see the end of?
Tattoos. People with lots and lots of tattoos, it has gotten out of control. That thing on Chris brown’s neck? Hideous.

4. Favorite Cher song & why?
I don’t really have a favorite Cher song. But I LOVE her on Twitter.

5. Which Spice Girl are you?

6. Marry, F*ck, Kill: Anderson Cooper, James Franco, Andy Cohen
Uhm, fu*k James Franco. Um … uhhhh … I can’t play this game. pass

7. Who do you stalk on Facebook?
At this point it would be Instagram and @MelMacey, this beautiful Australian girl whose wedding I was at.

8. Best drunk text you’ve ever sent or received?
It has been a minute since I did that so nothing is coming to mind.

9. Lie you always tell?
I don’t care what people think.