Darryl Stephens Talks ‘DTLA,’ ‘Noah’s Arc’: Video

Darryl Stephens is back on Logo children, and starring in the new show DTLA, premiering tonight at 11/10 c. That sound you just heard is the screams of millions of Noah’s Arc fans.

Darryl recently took some time to sit down and talk about his new show, which he is not only starring in, but is also writing and producing.

Watch above as Darryl talks about his new role, a big departure from his Noah’s Arc days, and what viewers can expect from DTLA.

Then, tune in at 11/10 c tonight for the premiere and head back to NewNowNext after to watch DTLA After Dark, a recap of the show featuring the cast and hosted by Tiffany Pollard.

It’s the perfect Wednesday evening really.

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