David Bowie Turns 66, Releases First Single In A Decade

David Bowie performs at the 1983 US Festival. (Chris Walter / Getty Images)

41 years ago, RCA issued their first ever David Bowie single, featuring “Changes” and “Andy Warhol,” the day before the Thin White Duke’s 25th birthday and six years after the release of his self-titled debut.

Today, Bowie is 66 years old and still killing it with the release of his first new single in over a decade. The revered and, in recent years, reclusive artist has surfaced with the release of “Where Are We Now?”

For perspective, the last time David Bowie released a new song, Harry Styles was in the third grade and Avril Lavigne was topping the charts. #stayingpower

A new album called “The Next Day” due out in March is now available for pre-order¬†and¬†British critics are lapping up Bowie’s return.

“David Bowie’s elegiac new single may be the most surprising, perfect and welcome comeback in rock history,” said the Daily Telegraph’s Neil McCormick, describing it as “lush, stately, beautifully strange”.