David Letterman Hoped For Boycott Of Sochi Olympics Over Russia’s Anti-Gay Law: WATCH

david letterman.jpg

David Letterman welcomed Rachel Maddow on The Late Show last night and the pair talked about Chris Christie’s woes, yellow ties on MSNBC, and the impact of Russia’s anti-gay laws. (They get into the Olympics at about 8:40.)

The late-night host revealed he had hoped there would have been a mass boycott of the Sochi Games, and showed skepticism over claims Russia’s LGBT community is not being singled out.

I was hoping that everybody would pull out and everybody would say ’This is not right. This is medieval times. We’re not going.’ … Vladimir Putin said they would not be targeted. Which to me was like, ’Oh…..thanks’.”

Letterman and Maddow also delved into Putin’s strange habit of taking shirtless photos. What’s that all about, anyway?

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