“Days'” Freddie Smith Talks First Daytime Emmy Nomination

Freddie Smith Talks Emmy & WilSon As Gay Super Couple


Not only did Chandler Massey pick up another Daytime Emmy nomination this week for his role of Will Horton on Days Of Our Lives but his co-star (and on-screen lover) Freddie Smith was also nominated for the first time and also in the Outstanding Younger Actor category.

I jumped on the phone with Smith to get his reaction on his first nom, vying for the same award in the same category as Massey and the journey he’s taken to becoming half of Days’ Gay Super Couple.

TheBacklot: Congratulations on your first Emmy nomination!

Freddie Smith: Thank you so much! It’s been an exciting ride so far! I can’t believe I’ve been on the show over two years now and then to be nominated is just an honor. I can’t even describe the feeling.

TBL: How did you find out you were nominated?

FS: I knew that in the morning I would know if I [was nominated] or not and I went to bed not knowing if I even had a shot and I woke up to my phone just vibrating over and over and over. I had text messages and phone calls from a ton of people. I was groggy – it was 7:30 am – and I saw all these texts ‘You’ve been nominated! You’ve been nominated!’ It was the best wake-up call.

TBL: What did you submit in terms of your scenes?

FS: I submitted a scene from back in June of last year where I talked to Lucas in the Horton Town Square and I’m telling him…he just found out that Will had come out of the closet and I was giving him advice on how to tell him that he still loves him and nothing’s changed. I end up admitting that I do have feelings for Will, more than friendship, and [Lucas] approves. So it was those two scenes put together.


TBL: Is it difficult to figure out the scenes you want to submit?

FS: I asked people’s advice on it because I didn’t submit last year. This was the first year I submitted so I asked ‘what do you submit?’ People were saying that you should submit a scene that you are proud of and if you’re nominated or win then you’re proud of the scene you submitted. Don’t try to submit a scene that you think people would like. Submit a scene where you’re proud of your work. There was something special about the scene with Lucas and I.

TBL: And now you and Chandler are competing against each other!

FS: It’s a win-win. We’re both nominated and I just really hope one of us wins for the sake of WilSon and the sake of the show. We both work together constantly so it’s like a win for both of us regardless of who gets to take it home.

TBL: I know Will and Sonny are going to be in a good place for awhile but what are some of the obstacles coming up for them?

FS: Without giving too much away, they’re going to go through a slight rough patch but nothing detrimental to their relationship. Just couples fighting like they do in real life. There are two changes that are going to happen. There are two big lifestyle changes for Sonny and Will in the next three months and that’s what is really aggravating their relationship.

TBL: Are most of your upcoming scenes together or does Sonny have scenes with anyone else?

FS: I do end up having Sonny’s own adventure. He does something else in the business aspect of his life and that’s one of the things in the future that pulls them apart because of what he decides to do with this business. He has a friend that comes back from his past, as well. He has a few independent stories coming up but WilSon is the center and the heart of it all.

TBL: I love that you guys have become such the Gay Super Couple of daytime TV.

FS: Coming into this, I remember testing with Judi [Evans, who plays Sonny’s mother, Adrienne] and Chandler two and a half years ago and not having any idea what this would be and here we are two years later with back-to-back GLAAD Awards and both nominated for an Emmy and we’re a Super Couple! It’s almost unreal! It’s just incredible.

The Daytime Emmy Award Show will be held on June 16th in Beverly Hills. Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.