“Dazed” Responds to Transphobic London Pride Marchers With Stunning Visual Projections

The magazine lit up the U.K.'s Ministry of Justice with "Repeat After Us: Trans Women Are Women" and "Trans Men Are Men."

Dazed magazine has clapped back at transphobic London Pride marchers with a breathtaking visual projection campaign.

Last weekend, a group of trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) came under fire after leading London’s Pride parade with transphobic signage. Marchers carried signs with phrases like “trans activists erase lesbians” and “a male can never be lesbian.” One marcher even told PinkNews that the fight for transgender rights is “anti-lesbianism”: “A man cannot be a lesbian, a person with a penis cannot be a lesbian.”

Shortly afterward, Dazed joined forces with The Illuminator, a New York-based activist collective that lights up government buildings around the world with righteous visual messages.

The team took to the streets of London for their #AddressTheNation campaign, projecting messages about serious subjects like Brexit, funding for the U.K.’s National Health Service, and the prevalence of transphobia at London Pride.

Dazed even lit up the facade of the U.K.’s Ministry of Justice with the messages, “Repeat After Us: Trans Women Are Women” and “Trans Men Are Men.”



In May, HRC used a similar tactic to target U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, asking her how she sleeps at night “when only 26% of LGBTQ youth always feel safe in class.”

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