One Of DC’s Gay Superheroes Is Getting His Own Comic Book


DC Comics has announced its giving one of the company’s openly gay superheroes his own title this summer: Midnighter, a leather-wearing badass whose power is that he knows exactly what move you’re going to make before you make it.

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The character of Midnighter was introduced back in 1998 and appeared in Stormwatch, the Authority and his own title (briefly) in 2006. More recently he appeared in Grayson, which sees onetime Robin Dick Grayson re-imagined as a superspy.

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Midnighter’s been gay from Day One, and romantically paired with the solar-powered hero Apollo—the two are seen as something of a Batman-Superman allegory. They got married and even raised a super-powered daughter. DC recently rebooted its universe, though, and Midnighter appears to be single (for now).

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Numerous characters have come out as gay in the DC universe, including Green Lantern Alan Ladd, Obsidian, Bunker, and the Pied Piper, but Batwoman, launched in 2011, was the first book to spotlight a gay hero. DC announced Batwoman’s upcoming cancellation earlier this year.


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