Bea Arthur Will Appear In “Deadpool 2”

The Golden Girl meets the Merc with the Mouth!

Golden Girls global domination is nearly complete: First The Goldbergs paid homage to the beloved sitcom, then the Florida foursome appeared on an episode of Cartoon Network’ The Amazing Adventures Of Gumball.

Now Ryan Reynolds has revealed that Dorothy Zbornak herself, Bea Arthur, will be appearing in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.


Okay, so technically, “Bea” and “Arthur” are the names of Deadpool’s twin katanas, but we’ll take it.

Ryan Reynolds/Twitter

Reynolds previously sported a Bea Arthur t-shirt in the first movie.


The film’s official twitter account showed some GG love in 2015, as well.

The Canadian actor revealed the swords were named after Arthur some time ago, so but it’s nice to see them properly monogrammed.

The Deadpool sequel slices into theaters on May 18, 2018.

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