Deadpool Grabs Colossus’ Buns Of Steel In “Deadpool 2” International Trailer

The Merc With the Mouth gives the metal mutant a big squeeze.

Motormouth mercenary Deadpool wraps his trigger-happy hands around some buns of steel in the newest trailer for Deadpool 2.

In the new international trailer, ’Pool (Ryan Reynolds) shares brief but intimate moment with the the X-Men’s Colossus, presumably in the X-Mansion. As the the metallic muscleman bends down for a hug, our anti-hero reaches around and gives his butt a squeeze.

The meta-trailer might be playing this up for laughs, but Deadpool’s pansexuality is canonical in the comics.


In one memorable panel, he tells Thor, “I find you very attractive,” before adding, “Did I say that out loud?”

And he’s certainly fantasized about time-traveling badass Cable (Josh Brolin in the film).


Writer Gerry Duggan, who’s penned more than 40 issues of Deadpool, confirmed that the character is pan, or rather “willing and able to do anything with a pulse.”

Fabian Nicieza, who co-created Deadpool, paints him as a little more fluid than pansexual, based on his regenerative brain cells being in “constant flux.” (Feel free to go down the rabbit hole with this twitter thread.)

Reynolds, a lifelong fan of DP, has dedicated to making his on-screen character faithful to the comic book, and that includes the character’s sexuality. (He’s even said he’d like to see him have a boyfriend.) But we’ll see if clinch is just a throwaway gag or a hint of something more substantial when Deadpool 2 opens May 18..

Greg Cwik is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in EW, Vulture, Playboy, The Week, and elsewhere.