Deadpool Offers “Backstage Passes To My A**hole” In New Infomercial

Any takers?

Ryan Reynolds, bless him, is really going all out on his promotional blitz for the upcoming hard “R” Marvel superhero movie Deadpool.

He’s thrown all caution to the wind, even happily mocking his own unfortunate DC history in Green Lantern.

Now he’s just hit the mother(effing) lode with this latest promo, for the February issue of Empire.

In a bleep-filled but still somehow NSFW monologue, he details what readers can look forward to, now that Deadpool has taken control of the issue. It ain’t pretty.


Some highlights:

* “Bleeping the ever-loving bleep out of a weeping Kevin Sorbo on a bed of hot brown Hercules pantaloons.”

* “Backstage passes to my asshole.”

* “Full transcripts of at least three of my worst films.”

That last one is pushing the envelope.

Deadpool will be unleashed on February 12th

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