Deconstructing “We Can’t Stop”: She’s Just Being Molly—Er, Miley

Yesterday morning, the ever-untameable Miley Cyrus stealthily released the somewhat-controversial video for We Can’t Stop,” the lead single from her as-yet-untitled upcoming album.

Produced by “Body Party” and “Kisses Down Low” maestro Mike Will Made It, the song itself is a laid back, grungy, swag pop anthem devoted to the joys of youth, recreational drugs and Miley’s sheer un-tameability.  But where the song maintains a decidedly chill vibe, the video ups the ante and goes in for a full-blown twerktastic acid trip.

From plushies to girl-on-girl wrestling to a pink-slime-oozing finger chop, the Diane Martel-directed clip is an interesting—albeit jarring—take on the former Hannah Montana and her current pop-star iteration. A take that has many questioning her authenticity, no matter how many times throughout the song she tries to remind us that “we run things, things don’t run we.”

The Internets were aghast as a golden-grilled Miley and her french-fry-skullcrushing party posse romped their way to dawn. But viewers crying out in horror over the pop star “trying too hard” would be wise to remember that she is, after all, just being molly Miley.