Madison Paige And Terra Renegade Sizzle In Deejay Rupp’s “Happy Now”

The androgynous models are a real-life couple—and it shows.

Deejay Rupp’s new video, “Happy Now,” presents a real-life queer couple getting up close and personal: Madison Paige and Terra Renegade are both tall, blonde and androgynous models. The striking duo exude both passion and dramatic tension in the video, shot by Brett Kerr.

madison paige terra

Under moody, colorful lights, they alternately push each other away and pull in close as they move through an abandoned warehouse. In another scene, things ratchet up a notch as they play with fetish gear.

deejay rupp happy now

At just 19, Rupp is already known for club tracks like “Indiana” and “Buckwild,” and has collaborated with artists like Kyle Massey, Jack & Jack and Tha Joker.

Watch “Happy Now” below.

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