Deep Tweets: 10 Twitter Gays On Everything From DOMA to Alec Baldwin



Every once in awhile we need to stop and reflect on a very eventful week. This strikes me as one of those weeks.

Here are 10 Twitter gays who parse everything from Alec Baldwin’s idiocy to DOMA’s super-idiocy in under 140 characters. I snuck some non-topical Twitter commentary in there too, for balance’s sake.


Nick Stadler tries his best to understand Alec Baldwin and, by default, ourselves.

On the day DOMA and Prop 8 struck down, Bryan Safi attempted to understand the inner dialogue of gay marriage opponents. We salute him.

 Chris Schleicher’s home is thankfully un-broken.

Richard Lawson tells you the truth. No, “a” truth.

Dave Holmes diplomatically approaches those pro-DOMA mouthbreathers.


Billy Eichner laments all tomorrow’s parties.

Yours truly believes that New Yorker cover is sponsored by the letters “F” and “U.”

Randy Rainbow is seriously hoping the sun comes out tomorrow.

Conner Habib learned a lot this Pride. And he’s ready to learn more.

Finally, Carey O’Donnell tells us how Lindsay Lohan, 27 today, is keeping sane.