Deep Tweets From Gays: 10 Finest Gay Tweets of the Week


Billy Eichner voices my exact problem with Despicable Me: the despicableness.

Chris Kelly’s listserv is serving him.

  Guy Branum’s Robin Wright joke is longer than Robin Wright’s appearance in Moneyball. 

Sam Lansky might not be joking.


Louis Virtel (holllerrrr) interrupts this list of 10 to prove he knows TheBacklot readership pretty well.

Chris Schleicher, like me, is always re-thinking that nomination for She-Devil.

Louis Peitzman says a thing I like about that guy I hate.

Dan D’Addario’s tweet needs to be moderated by Kurt Loder.


Adam Roberts flew his Lear jet to Nova Scotia to slay us.

Bradley Stern has needs! I mean, doesn’t have needs!

Richard Lawson scintillates with the second Robin Wright-related tweet of the night.