Deeply Confused Talk Show Host Raven-Symoné Claims She Saw The Caitlyn Jenner Costume On “Drag Race”

No. No. No. No. No.

The Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume continues to be a heated debate in terms of where to draw the line between the funny and the offensive.

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Some paint it as harmless Halloween fun, while others (including GLAAD) see it as a deeply offensive joke at the expense of the trans community.

So leave it to The View’s resident word vomitress Raven-Symoné to weigh in on the debate in typical nonsensical fashion.

“I’m a part of the LGBT community,” she reminded us, “and I’ve seen Caitlyn’s costume done on RuPaul’s Drag Race…”


Honey, Season 7 of Drag Race wrapped up in June and Caitlyn’s iconic VF cover didn’t come out until July.

Then, defying any sense of logic, Raven-Symoné offered up her view on the matter:

“As long as you’re not poking fun at it and you’re actually doing it to say ’Hey, this is what it is,’ it’s Halloween. It’s Halloween.”


What Ms. Raven-Symoné is likely referring to is an image that circulated of Season 4 winner Sharon Needles dressed as Caitlyn, however that was not on the show. And furthermore, Needles is a drag queen, the art of female illusion, her look was not simply a costume meant to evoke a chuckle.

Watch the cringe-worthy clip below.