Deeply “Felt”: Revealing The Love Matrix

felt 2Dr. Michelle Golland, resident therapist-puppet on Felt, is launching a new relationships column here at NewNowNext. 

As a relationship expert, I sit with hundreds of couples and hear about their pain and struggle. Most unhappy couples caught in the spiral of fighting feel confused and scared, and need serious guidance with a heavy hand.
And if a client isn’t listening to their partner—or to me—I’m not afraid to dole out a verbal bitch to get their attention.

I call this giving my patients a moment of clarity.

Clarity comes from listening, and from clearly articulating your vision for your relationship. Honestly. Together. And on paper. No matter the problem, every couple can benefit from filling out what I call The Love Matrix.

In The Love Matrix, couples agree on a shared understanding of their past, an honest accounting of the present, and an attainable vision for the future. I help my patients see that it’s possible to come back from the brink of a break-up to discover that their relationship is better, deeper and more honest than ever.

It can even be hotter.

On Felt, we finally get to peek behind the curtain into the secretive, painful—and often hilarious process—behind couples therapy. All couples have to address issues involving sex, money, family, career and spirituality or their relationship will end. As the viewer, you can gain insight into your own relationship and hopefully discover ways to improve some of your own interpersonal struggles.

So get ready to learn some cool tools for couplehood as you watch Felt. But be warned–I just might have to bitch slap you, too.

Love, Light & All that Crap ;)
Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Golland can be seen–er, heard–every week on Felt (Mondays on Logo, 10pm/9pm c).