Ranking the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Pride Merch

No Mayor Pete fanny pack?!

It’s almost June, which means it’s that time of the year where companies slap a rainbow on anything and try to sell it to the queer community.

Even Donald Trump for some reason is hawking a hideous shirt for Pride month. But what about the presidential candidates on the Democratic side? Policy positions are good and all, but we really want cute merch to show off at our local Pride parade.

The sad thing is that the 2020 election is still so far away, some of these candidates will be releasing Pride swag next year, too. But check out our ranking of their 2019 Pride collections below.

  1. Beto O’Rourke

    Let’s be honest, Beto’s swag selection was never truly inspiring, and the same can be said for his items for the LGBTQ community. “Beto for Everyone” in front of a rainbow? Maybe we’re just mad at the font and intentional sloppy design.

  2. Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders

    Just the Bernie logo in rainbow colors on various tees and tanks? Okay, sure.

  3. Kirsten Gillibrand

    The New York state senator is really going after the gays’ votes. She was the first presidential candidate to sit down with a drag queen for an official campaign event, so you’d think she would have some fierce Pride items. One of Gillibrand’s slogans is “Brave Wins,” so the Pride shirts echo that same message with “Brave + Proud” in both rainbow and trans flags colors. Cute, but what about a rainbow Gillibrand sweatband, since she loves to hit the gym like a true muscle queen? Now that we would wear.

  4. Pete Buttigieg

    As the only out candidate, Buttigieg was expected to go all in with the Pride merch. But when the Pete for America Pride store launched, supporters were a little… underwhelmed? He is the only candidate selling a Stonewall50 tank, and we love the stickers and drawstring backpack, but no Mayor Pete fanny pack? We’re not asking for a Pete for America leather harness or hanky, but maybe some gayer items from the gay candidate?

  5. Kamala Harris

    Just like the candidate herself, Harris’ Pride swag is bright, effective, and gets the point across. We’re loving the shirts that say “Fearless” and “Kamala” in rainbow—the letters are bright and fun, but you know the person wearing it means business. Plus, there are iron-on patches!

  6. Jay Inslee

    Inslee for America

    The Governor of Washington might not be a household name, and he’s a long shot when it comes to clinching the party’s nomination—but to be honest, we are here for his Book It-lookin’ Pride buttons! Fight climate change and look cute doin’ it!

  7. Joe Biden

    The former Vice President is the latest candidate to put out Pride items, and we are pleasantly surprised by the collection. The “E” in Biden’s campaign logo has been turned into rainbow stripes, and there are a variety of tees and tanks that say “Biden for President” and “Love each other,” plus one with trans flag colors. We especially love the rainbow aviator tank and colorful button set.

  8. Elizabeth Warren

    We knew the moment we saw Warren sashay down the street wearing a rainbow feather boa that she would put out some fierce Pride gear, and she really came through. Her items have a nice message—”Dream Big, Fight Hard, Live Proud”—with some rainbow stripes on white or navy shirts or tanks. Not to mention the “Persist With Pride” tote. As far as Pride swag goes, Warren has our vote!

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