Gay Man Found Brutally Murdered In Nashville Parking Lot

"The way that he was murdered would make me think that it was a hate crime."

The family of a gay man who was brutally murdered in West Nashville this week are urging police to investigate the matter as a hate crime.

WTVF reports the body of the victim, 24-year-old cosmetologist Deon L. Brown, was discovered early Monday morning in the parking lot of a local trucking business, dressed as a woman. According to police, he died of multiple stab wounds.

It’s unclear if Brown was transgender, though he appeared to identify as male among friends, family, and on social media.


“The way that he was murdered would make me think that it was a hate crime,” said Charity Everett, one of Deon’s closest friends.

“It makes me feel that you had nothing but hate in order to take the life in the manner that you did.”


Deon’s aunt, Margaritta Hill, also believes her nephew was killed in a brutal hate crime.

“He took him from us,” she said of the assailant, who remains unidentified as the investigation continues.

“This wasn’t an accident, he took him, and it’s just a sad situation that my sisters going through right now.”

She added: “I want this person to know that we are going to get you we are going to get you.”

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