Derek Hough Freaks Out In Gay Club: Report

So. Hetero.

Tip: If you don’t want people to think you’re gay, you should probably avoid throwing a tantrum when spotted at a gay club in your hometown. Derek Hough, we’re looking at you.

Dancing with the Stars’ Derek was reportedly partying on July 21 at Jam, a gay club in Salt Lake City, wearing “skintight, shiny silver pants” and “shimmying with his buddies”. Ken Lee spoke to The National Enquirer about his awkward encounter with Hough.

Ken revealed he went up to Derek and asked him for a picture and the 27-year-old “got all nervous and fidgety and stammered, ’No, no, no — not here!'”

“I was really careful about approaching him respectfully,” Ken said. “I went up to Derek and said, ’excuse me’ and asked very nicely if I could have a photo taken with him. Well, he couldn’t have been more rude or a bigger diva! I was like, OK, he’s clearly not comfortable about having his picture taken in a gay bar. If you’re not gay, then what’s the problem?”

“Derek very well may not be gay,” Ken said in order to avoid a lawsuit confessed. “But he sure was dressed pretty and threw an impressive hissy fit when I asked for a photo!”

A diva throwing a hissy fit? This cannot be Derek Hough. It was likely a guy who just looked like Derek shimmying around Utah and pretending he randomly didn’t want his picture taken. Derek does have a “girlfriend” after all.

And if for SOME reason it was Derek, then dude — if you’re trying to be invisible maybe you should rethink the shiny silver pants.