Derrick Barry Gets Close With Alexander Skarsgård In “War On Everyone”

"Drag Race" meets Quentin Tarantino.

We’re just so proud when one of the Drag Race girls makes it big—and it doesn’t get much bigger than Alexander Skarsgård.

war with eveyrone derrick barry
War With Everyone

Season 8 star Derrick Barry stars opposite the Nordic looker in the new dark comedy War on Everyone, in theaters and on iTunes now.

derrick berry alexander skaarsgaard

Directed by John Michael McDonagh (Ned Kelly, Calvary), the Tarantino-esque film sees Skarsgård and Michael Peña as a pair of crooked Albuquerque cops who fatten their wallets by blackmailing criminals.

derrick berry alexander skaarsgaard

Their plan for the ultimate pay-off—extorting a gay strip-club manager (Caleb Landry Jones) and his junkie boss (Theo James)—goes awry when a bigger, darker secret is uncovered. Derrick plays Kimberly, the girlfriend of the cops’ snitch, Reggie X (Malcolm Barrett).

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