Diamond Stephens Is the Latest Transgender Woman of Color to Lose Her Life

"...the community needs to get together and stand because we’re all united as one," says Stephens' cousin, Kimberly.

Diamond Stephens, a transgender woman of color living in Mississippi, has become the 15th known transgender person murdered in the U.S. in 2018.

Stephens, 39, was found dead in her car in June. However, she was misgendered in initial reports of her death, both by reporters and authorities. Following this, she wasn’t acknowledged as trans for over a month. This also highlights the harrowing fact that it’s legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people in the state of Mississippi.

Sadly, instances of transgender homicide victims being misgendered are common: Just last week, 27-year-old Sasha Garden, a trans woman living in Orlando, was referred to as “a man in a dress” by local news outlets.

As local news in Mississippi reports, Stephens’ life and legacy was remembered in a candlelit vigil at the end of June.

Stephens’ cousin Kimberly Stevens told WTOK that she hopes that the community will rally against the violence that claimed her cousin’s life: “I think the community needs to get together and stand because we’re all united as one, so without us being together, it’ll always continue.”

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