Diana Nyad, Lesbian Swimmer, Completes Swim From Cuba To U.S. Without Cage

diana nyadDiana Nyad made history today as the first person to swim from Florida to Cuba without the aid of a shark cage. The openly lesbian swimmer spent 52 hours, 54 minutes and 18.6 seconds in the water to reach the island. It was her fifth attempt to swim the 110-mile Florida Strait without protection.

“This is a lifelong dream of mine and I’m very very glad to be with you,” tweeted Nyad, 64. “So let’s get going so we can have a whopping party.”

Among those offering their praise was President Obama, who tweeted, ’Congratulations to @DianaNyad. Never give up on your dreams.” In the 1970s, Nyad swam the perimeter of Manhattan and from the Bahamas to Flrodia.

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