Diane Sawyer Drunk Dials Her Pal Randy Rainbow, Burps

His relationship with Mel Gibson must have gone south, because Randy Rainbow has fallen off the wagon and fallen in with some dubious enablers. Namely: Diane Sawyer. Yes, everyone’s favorite pill popping, booze swilling, perfectly preserved news anchor is now besties with everyone’s favorite gay Internet sensation who works at Chick-Fil-A.

In his new video, Randy is home from a night of intense election after-partying and receives a phone call from his inebriated pal “Diane from AA” and they are both super excited about the re-election of President Barack-O-Rama.

Diane a little more so, maybe. But check out the video for yourself and decide who you think has the problem.

Karl Rove Vs. Diane Sawyer: Who Had a Worse Election Night?