Did Anyone NOT Vacation In Mykonos This Summer?

No, but seriously?

Hey! How was your summer? Did you do anything fun? Did you go to Mykonos? If you didn’t, no problemo, everyone else did, and took gaggles of photos to prove it.

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Gone are the days when chiseled bikini-clad men were expected to keep their shirtless line-ups relegated to Fire Island and P-Town.

This summer was all about the Greek island of Mykonos, the hottest destination for gays (where’s Stefon when you need him?).


So why Mykonos?

“Mykonos is an ideal vacation: it’s gorgeous, escapist and ironically practical,” says Mark Silver, Partner at Factory PR. “It is the ultimate working holiday–all the fashion folk flock there so we can conduct business beachside over rosé.”

“If you want to lounge by the beach and be lazy all day, you can. If you want to dance through the night until the sun comes up, you can. If you want to eat your way through the island, you can,” says Matt Maggiacomo, who chose to visit during the XLSIOR Festival. “Drag shows? Check. Water sports? Check. A million Instagram-worthy photo opportunities? Check. Check. Check.”


Bradford Shellhammer, Founder and CEO of Bezar, agrees. “Mykonos is the perfect mix of familiar faces, great food, pristine beaches and the occasional party. It can be wild or quiet, depending on your mood. My husband especially loves it. He grew up in neighboring Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast and Mykonos provides a luxurious vacation with the familiarity of feta cheese, orthodox churches and late summer sunset meals.”

All that, and the Acension Beach Party being moved to Mykonos amid the Fire Island Pines Boycott earlier this summer, have made Mykonos the kind of destination folks like John Travolta and Kevin Spacey would lurve.

Check out the Real Gays of Mykonos (coming to Bravo this fall–just kidding) below.

Missing my MYKONOS crew! #privateparty #cariocawear # #lifeisapoolparty

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Sunrise at Cavo Mykonos!

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Gilligan's Island Sequel?! ☀️⛵️

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