Did Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Shade Christina Aguilera?

"Christina who?"

Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears go back.

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

They go way back.

And their stan wars are as old as Google. So, it’s no wonder fans are wondering if Spears’ beau, Sam Ashari, threw some shade at Aguilera on Instagram.

While doing a Q&A on his Instagram Story, someone asked the 24-year-old, “Britney or Christina?”

Sam responded to the fan, “Christina who?”

Ashari has since deleted the IG Story, but fans captured a screen grab and posted it on social media fanning the stan flames.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel back in September, Aguilera said if social media was around back in the day, she would have used the social networks to squash those Britney/Christina fueding rumors years ago.

“Back in the day whenever people were comparing me to other artists, I would have just loved to squash it before having an interview,” Aguilera said.

The “Ain’t No Other Man” singer also said she’d be down for a duet with her old MMC co-star.

“If her reps say okay…I’m down.”

Hopefully, in 2019, the stans can come together once and for all. Because aren’t we in our mid-30s now?

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie and pop diva addict living in Manhattan. Follow him on everything @dirrtykingofpop.