Did Lady Gaga Just Announce Her Fifth Album?

With RedOne confirmed as one of the album's producers, is Gaga going back to basics for LG5?

A mysterious selfie posted yesterday on Lady Gaga’s Instagram with the caption “LG5 time” has many wondering if Gaga has officially sounded the warning bell of her highly-anticipated fifth studio album.

LG5 time

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Mother Monster’s last effort, 2013’s ARTPOP, was met with lukewarm reception comparatively to her earlier efforts with Rolling Stone famously calling the album “sexual but not sexy.”

(Note: We–and presumably Gaga as well–are not counting Cheek To Cheek, her collaborative album with Tony Bennett, amongst her discography.)

Unlike the roll-out strategies for Born This Way (which Gaga announced 8 months before release during her acceptance speech at the 2010 VMAs) and ARTPOP (which she announced 13 months before release by Instagramming a new tattoo with the word ’ARTPOP’), little has been spoken about Gaga’s upcoming album.

In a March interview with Billboard, Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell revealed that “new pop music isn’t likely until 2016.”

If that’s the case, and using her past roll-out strategies as further proof, now would be the perfect time to get her monster’s rah-rah-ga-ga-ga-ing with excitement.

Here’s hoping.