Couple Picks Dirty “Pig Boy” Over Pansexual Kristen Stewart on “SNL”

Bowen Yang is filthy!

Get ready to squeal!

Saturday Night Live’s 45th season continued last night with Kristen Stewart as host, and new featured player Bowen Yang keeps giving good GIF.

In one sketch, Stewart plays an edgy but awkward young woman—wow, what a stretch!—propositioning an older couple (Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim) for sex at a club.

“You ever heard that song by Katy Perry? It’s something like ’I kissed a girl and I liked it,'” she tells the wife. “Do you think you’d like it? Because I’m pansexual.”

“Pansexual? What’s that?” the husband asks. “Like having sex around pans?”

“Let me be blunt: I want to explore tonight with someone here,” the young woman says, ultimately trying to seduce the pair with her dance moves. Alas, it’s a hard pass. So is the churchgoing couple just too uptight to have a threesome?

Enter Yang, serving submissive bondage bottom realness in a leather gimp suit. “Yeah, you a dirty little pig, ain’t ya?” the husband asks.

“Yes, I’m filthy!”

“We all about to have sex with our little pig boy!” the wife announces. Twist!


Following her high-profile relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Stewart opened up about dating women in 2016 and memorably came out as “like, so gay, dude” on SNL in 2017. She currently resists labels regarding her sexual orientation.

Bowen is making SNL history as the first Chinese-American performer on NBC’s sketch comedy series, and he’s only the third openly gay male cast member after Terry Sweeney and John Milhiser.

Pig out below.

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