James Franco, Zachary Quinto Going Gay; Jake Gyllenhaal On Legacy Of “Brokeback Mountain” : Today In Gay

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Michael, the upcoming gay bio-drama starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto will be hunting for an international distributor at the American Film Market convention, launching tomorrow in Santa Monica.

Above, the first official still from the film, which traces the strange life of Michael Glatze (Franco), the editor for a gay magazine who quit his job, denounced homosexuality and became an activist in the ex-gay movement.

Gus van Sant executive produces the film, based on a New York Times article, with first time director Justin Kelly at the helm.

Quinto plays one of Glatze’s ex-boyfriends, with Teen Wolf’s Charlie Carver and American Horror Story staple Emma Roberts rounding out the cast.

discovery lifeThe Discovery Life Channel has greenlit Those Girls, a reality docu-series focusing on the lives and relationships of a group of transgender friends  in Kansas City, Missouri.

Debuting in March, the show spotlights four couples, including best friends Kassidy and Chloe, who are transitioning together; Tanya and Jaime, who are grappling with Tanya’s ex-wife over their children; and married couple Macy and Sharon.

The last couple, Robyn and Andrew,  were best friends before Robyn’s transition and are now embarking on a romantic relationship.

Those Girls embodies what Discovery Life Channel is meant to be – a place for people from all walks of life to have their stories told without a filter,” said network GM Jane Latman.


Michaelangelo Signorile says the Benham brothers—who lost their shot at a HGTV show when their virulent anti-gay past emerged—acted “a bit flirty” during a recent interview.

brokeback-mountain-1Almost a decade after appearing in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger, actor Jake Gyllenhaal says the Oscar-nominated film “lives in its own space.”

It didn’t win Best Picture, but Gyllenhaal says the 2005 drama was “very successful in many different ways,” in a recent HuffPo Live interview to promote Nightcrawler.

“It gave me the idea that movies can be important—that they do have some sort of political value.”

Gyllenhaal says he considered it “an honor” to be part of the film, “this little movie that we made with this master filmmaker…  a story that we all thought was really beautiful.”