Discuss! Is This Guy The New Will Horton On “Days Of Our Lives?”

Days Of Our Lives fans have been in a tizzy since Chandler Massey announced he was leaving his Emmy-winning role as Will Horton. And they got even tizzier when news of his abrupt dismissal came to light, as TPTB had apparently already found a suitable replacement.

Well, now we know who that replacement is, thanks to Dool co-star Jen Lilley, who revealed in a podcast that the new Will Horton is … Guy Wilson.

According to his IMDB page, Guy is 28, and has been acting for almost ten years, mostly in TV guest spots. Some of his notable appearances were as “Teen Luke” on General Hospital, and a gay naval recruit in an episode of NCIS.

And according to Google, these are from something, possibly a Syfy werewolf movie.

Okay, so what do we think? I’m certainly willing to give him a chance. He’s older than the character (and Chandler), but looks young enough to pull it off. And he’s certainly cute, but he doesn’t have Chandler’s dirty/innocent golden glow.

The real test will be the chemistry he has with Freddie Smith, and we’ll have to wait a few months to witness that.

But one thing is certain … he’s going to have to change that last name. It will just be … too confusing.

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