Disney Casting Cruella de Vil Movie. Who Should Play Her?

It should come as no surprise that Big Mama Disney is already banking on the success of the upcoming Maleficent, starring the uncannily cast Angelina Jolie.  So much so that the studio is already jump-starting a live-action film about another infamous Disney she-villain, Cruella de Vil.  Now, the long hard road to find an actress devious enough to play the fur-toting fashionista is underway.  But I think we can help Disney out with some suggestions on who could play De Vil:

No stranger to playing nefarious queens, American Horror Story’s Saint of Cruelty Jessica Lange has the perfect venomous smirk for the role.

This choice might be a bit left-of-center for the family friendly Mickey Mouse Club, but you’d pay $16 dollars to see Alan Cumming  serving 101 Dalmatians realness.

Meryl Streep could play anyone convincingly, though she might think the role is a retreat of Miranda Priestly, only, y’know, nicer. 

Janelle Monae looks great in black and white, but that fur coat might be too femme for her.

Parker Posey could serve some serious bitchface, and would know exactly how much campiness  to insert into every scene.


Glenn Close did a good enough job last time, and she’s executive producing this spin-off.  Just hire her again!

Of course, Sharon Needles was born for the role.  I mean, can girlfriend rock two-toned hair or what?.

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